“I need to translate a text from English to Spanish” and “I need to translate a text from Spanish to English” are two common phrases we hear or read in emails frequently at Pangeanic. Translating into English and translating into English are the most popular combinations and just in 2013 we have over 12 million words translated in different translation projects in many fields. Speak to Pangeanic if you are looking for a solution to your translation needs.

In a previous article we explained the importance of multilingual websites to internationalize a company and to its products and services to key or target markets. Many studies suggest that when making a purchase decision or when looking for information, Internet users opt for sections or websites in their native language . Many online purchasing choices are based precisely on this fact.

It is clear that having a reliable translation service to translate a text from your language to English is essential nowadays. But you will need more. You will need that the translation service you hire is very familiar with problem solving, that is intelligent and goes beyond simply translating directly from one language to another. Companies with translation needs have very different requirements. From publishing daily content relevant to their products and services to large translation requests (manuals, contracts, technical specifications) . This is when you need a team with the best tools in the market to

  • Analyze the text and offer text management services as a database.
    This way you can “recycle” your old translations and never pay twice for the same sentence or even similar phrases.
  • Develop terminology listings that it will apply to all translation projects.
    Establishing terminology criteria is essential. Within your specialist field (engineering, medicine, software) and possibly within your own company, you use terms to differentiate yourself from others. Many companies use terminology as a differentiator in the market: enforcing company terminology means that users identify general concepts with your brand. We all have in mind many examples in which the name of a brand or product has eventually become generic.
  • Provide assurance of a review by a native speaker and use of tools to verify that style and terminology have been respected.
  • Save the translated data in a database (translation memory) that will update existing data and provide savings when you decide you need another translation.

Contact Pangeanic and let us what you need to make translation and multilingual publishing a simple and effective process.

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