When Is It Best to Use Machine Translations?

Still under the impression that machine translations are not worth it? It’s time to think again. The world of machine translation has gone through a lot of growth over the past few years. Many different industries are making use of it and although we are not quite at the point where a novel can be

What are Russians most proud of?

Opinion polls undertaken in the run towards Russia’s National Day in 2013 by the VCIOM (the Russian Public Opinion Research Center) showed interesting differences as to how Russians perceive their country and what they feel most proud of and foreign views. Russia is a BRIC country with massive oil and gas natural resources. Its capital,

What is a Computer Assisted Translation Tool?

Professional translators use a tool to store and recall their work when they provide a translation service. In principle, these tools (called CAT for short) work as a kind of database. A human translator is provided a sentence and as this sentence is translated and approved, the corresponding target sentence is stored as an equivalent of

I need to translate a text from English into Spanish

“I need to translate a text from English to Spanish” and “I need to translate a text from Spanish to English” are two common phrases we hear or read in emails frequently at Pangeanic. Translating into English and translating into English are the most popular combinations and just in 2013 we have over 12 million

Pangeanic Translations Calendar

Here is a handy calendar you can use year after year to plan what translations you need to do with Pangeanic. Or, alternatively, you can also use it to calculate future dates with its calculator on the top right. Change year after year to see what date it will on a certain day. Or use it

Translations into English

Pangeanic is a leading provider of professional English translation services. Pangeanic has a proven track record of providing clients with a high quality professional translation service both into American English or British English fast, efficiently and at competitive rates. We specialize particularly in high-volume and complex professional English translations, resulting in faster turnaround times and more competitive

The Importance of Good Translation

The Importance of Good Translation Understanding what someone is saying is of the highest importance in any circumstance. It could even be a small mistake that has far reaching consequences for the party involved. Whether its voice overs, subtitles, text or even tattoos – the world is filled with unfortunate errors that could have been

What is The Size of the Translation Industry?

How big is the translation services market? Which are the most demanded languages? What trends can we identify in the translation industry? We will address these and other questions in our “Knowledge” section about the translation industry. The good news for translators who worry about the technology may one day replace human translations is that only

What formats can I use for translation?

What are the most common formats for a translation? Can you translate my document in my format? We are often asked this question before receiving a translation job. As a professional translation company, we must provide the highest compatibility with all the formats our clients use for publication. Our responsibility as professional translators that offer translation

Key concepts and terms in translation and multilingual services

When the Pangeanic team are out of the company, and someone around us wants to know exactly what we do, not everyone understands us easily. This reflects the fact that society in general is unaware of the translation industry and multilingual services. In fact, the industry is unknown to many and the vast majority of

Translate your Business: Visibility through a multilingual website

Economies, political decisions and cultures around the world are so intertwined today, from knowing the latest about the Tokyo Stock Exchange, political decision-making in the EU, to the U.S. employment rate. We simply cannot ignore the best means we have to introduce ourselves to the world: The Internet. Now it really is an information superhighway,

DIY MT or SaaS model machine translation?

A recent question on LinkedIn’s Bay Area Machine Translation User Group asked what is best, a DIY MT solution or a SaaS model. It is a good question as the market has moved very fast from “MT-denial” to almost widespread adoption to several ways of adoption. These are some of the recommendations from Pangeanic about

Four-hundred million Chinese cannot speak their national language

According to recent press reports, it seems that over 400 million Chinese are not able to speak Mandarin – their own national language. China has no official policy on According to recent press reports, it seems that over 400 million Chinese are not able to speak Mandarin – their own national language. Fast, unavoidable globalization means

How to Choose the Right Translation Service

As our world becomes somewhat smaller when it comes to communicating on an international basis, it’s now important to be able to communicate in many different languages. However, many businesses are not familiar with how translation works and how to select a translation service that is of good quality. There is also the issue that

The importance of Good Translations for a Business

Let us remember some common, quick trivia questions: a) Did the Opel/GM Nova car model become a standard joke in Spanish speaking countries because “no va” means “it doesn’t work” in Spanish? b) Did another famous Japanese car manufacturer indeed change the name of its “Pajero” model because of its sexual connotations for Spanish speakers?

Machine Translation: the ALPAC report

The best known event in the history of machine translation is without doubt the publication in November 1966 of the report by the Automatic Language Processing Advisory Committee (ALPAC 1966). Its effect was to bring to an end the substantial funding of MT research in the United States for some twenty years. More significantly, perhaps,