Quality is a differentiator based on many steps in the process, and in-built checking procedures. Pangeanic applies stringest and extremely careful quality control and assurance procedures in every single step of our daily work.

The company has been independently audited since 2005 and has renewed its certifications since then. Some members of its staff worked in Quality Assurance Departments in Britain in the 90’s and for Ford Motor Company and Rolls Royce Industrial and Marine.

All our staff members, both internal and external, are committed to the Pangeanic Quality Principle. This is also applicable to all our technology-related services and the human relationship that we always aim to establish with our external personnel and clients, who in fact have the last word about what we do! We always are open to our customers’ suggestions for improvement, as they are the key to product and service development.


  • Quality Metrics

    We use a consistent standard against which the translation quality of automotive service information can be objectively measured.

  • EN15038 Translation Quality Standard

    A translation company and the indvidual translator bear ethical and legal obligations towards the buyer or the contracting party. 

  • Certifications

    Pangeanic was a leader in the implementation of European translation standard EN15038 in Spain, its QA processes being recognized to ISO9001 and EN15038 after independent audit.